Peter Barnes, The Barn Dance Caller

With a choice of 5 Bands, CD's or Tapes. Peter Barnes (Porky Pete) will teach you dances, organise a band and MC for a lively evening's entertainment, for weddings, corporate functions, fundraisers and birthdays in the Bath area.

Bands available include:

The Didley Eye Dudes:

Violin, Guitar and Bass who play Irish music and sing songs between dances. With lights and a big P.A.system.
Prices £200 - £300 including the caller


Accordian, Guitar, Melodian and Penny Whistles. English country dance music. Will play between dances. P.A. and very friendly four piece band.
Prices £300 - £450 including the caller.

The Rodeworthies:

Paul & Suzanne
Barn Dancers

Take a look at one of the dances. Above is a glimpse of the Cumberland Squre Eight. Music on this occasion provided by The Rodeworthies.

Porky Pete's very own band. Violin, Guitar and caller, with Peter on recorders and accordion when he's not calling.. Mostly English and Scottish dance music and songs sung by guitarist Paul during breaks between dances.
Prices only £250 -£350 including caller.

Hopping Mad:

Violin, Keyboards and Penny Whistles. Irish music. High energy! Loud! Fun and always telling the caller off...
Prices £250 - £350 including the caller

The Sturdy Beggars:

Violin, Flute and Guitar. Irish and other Celtic music. Good fun and easy going. P.A.
Prices from £350 including caller

Porky Pete:

With his own P.A. playing tapes and CD's. Cheap and very cheerful. Great for close knit groups of friends who want to dance and for parties with lots of children!
Prices £100 - £150

Peter Barnes can be contacted on 01373 831498 or email